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Sessions for Sale

To purchase a file, please send a *UK* Amazon voucher (this can be done from any country as long as you have an Amazon account, just log into www.amazon.co.uk) for the cost price in pounds sterling to Me at ligeialady@yahoo.co.uk with a private message including the email address you would like Me to send the file to. I will then send you a link with password for the file from transferbigfiles.com (you do not have to be a member of transferbigfiles.com to receive the files)

All recordings whether general release or bespoke sessions remain the intellectual property of Lady Ligeia for Me to do with as I wish. All trances remain copyright protected (c)Lady Ligeia 2011-2013

Files available:

Small cock humiliation … plus size!: This is a session incorporating intense small cock humiliation, and it’s plus size (note the irony you little wankers!) because there are also elements of chastity, submissive training, boot worship and even a nod to foot fetishism – all bound and gagged into one sexy, humiliating bundle! Gender: male (Duration: 32:07) Cost: £20

Good Girl Gone Bad: A cross-dressing file – become My dress-up doll. Lady Ligeia will strip you, tease you and dress you up to be a good girl, but W/we both know what a bad girl you really are at heart. I use you as My dolly toy, dressing you up to perfection while teasing your silly cock as it responds both to My touch and to the wonderful, feminine fabrics that soon adorn your body. Gender: male (Duration: 37:33 minutes) Cost: £30

Enhanced Enslavement to Lady Ligeia: This file uses hypnotherapeutic imagery to identify obstacles that prevent you from submitting to Me with your entire being. These obstacles are rocks of resistance that need to be removed from the dam to enable the full flow of your erotic and submissive potential. Only if you have an open, empty hand are you able to reach for another thing, a better thing: open your mind and your hands to receive the full presence of Lady Ligeia. Give in … give in to Me. Let go … so I can hold you. Release … so I can catch you. Be free … so that you can truly be Mine. Gender: neutral (Duration: 26:48 minutes) Cost: £16

Ball of Arousal: Experience intense arousal at the hands of a witch, inside and outside. No barriers! Become part of the Circuit of Lust. Will She allow you to cum or not? Gender: neutral (Duration: 14:56 minutes) Cost: £5

Come Serve Me – Come Serve Me is an allegorical description of how to approach, honour and serve Me, your Mistress and Goddess, Lady Ligeia. Cost: FREE (Download link HERE)

Complete Relaxation – learn how to control time: This is a deeply relaxing file in which you learn how to control time and slow your body down. you will achieve an intensely relaxed state and learn how to access this pure relaxation during your everyday routine. Keywords: relaxation, control time, watches, clocks, submissive, full body relaxation; Gender – neutral (Duration: 23:17 minutes) Cost: £15

Enslaved by Lady Ligeia: This audio trance will show you what it means to be a true slave to Lady Ligeia. you will open yourself up to My control, feeling so good to let go and relinquish all the burdens of responsibility; to abdicate your old self and find your true self in being a slave to Lady Ligeia. Keywords:enslavement, slave training, full control, submission, Domination, confusion technique; Gender – neutral (Duration: 19:45 minutes) Cost: £15

Increase submission and devotion to your Mistress: This file will increase devotion and submission to your Mistress, whoever She may be. If you think you can’t be more submissive or more devoted, think again! Every Woman deserves to be worshipped to your full ability, and this file will engender those feelings deeply and truly. A trigger also ensures that these feelings intensify even after you awaken from trance. Keywords:submission, devotion, worship, Domme, Mistress, Domnosis, submissive training, Domination; Gender – male  (Duration: 34:38 minutes) Cost: £35

Lady of Autumn: A starlit Autumn journey with the Lady. Will you be collared?  Will you prove yourself? Show your devotion and need. (Duration: 11:51 minutes) Cost: £5

Lady of Spring: Come with the Lady of Spring as She takes you to an intimate place where it is just you and Her. Follow Her commands and know what it is to belong to a Woman, what it is to experience bliss and ecstasy just by listening to and obeying the words of Lady Ligeia. Keywords: relaxation, cum trance, addiction, arousal, Mine, domination, Domme, submissive; Gender – for men (Duration: 20:16 minutes) Cost: £10

Lady of Summer – Obey Me!: This is the final installment in the series Lady of the Seasons, but it is also a standalone trance like all the others; so enjoy them together or separately! Lady Ligeia, in Her guise as Lady of Summer, will take you to a sunlit scene where you will bow down and worship Her, learning the depth of need within you to obey and submit. This need to obey will grow and deepen in your heart, soul and body, uncovering your true self, which is to be a good obedient boy for Lady Ligeia. Keywords:submission, obedience training, worship, Domination; Gender – male (Duration: 24:50 minutes) Cost: £16

Lady of Winter: Kneel before the Lady of Winter. Lap from Her hands, feel Her touch and know who controls you! (Duration: 13:05 minutes) Cost: £5

Lady Ligeia – humiliation and chastisement: Lady Ligeia will show you the thrill of chastisement and train you to be the best submissive possible with humiliation and a firm hand. Learn who really rules your world and gives purpose to your humdrum existence. Keywords: chastisement, humiliation, submission, addiction, submissive training, riding crop, leather, punishment, being owned, play toy, your Mistress rules your world! Gender: male (Duration: 25:28 minutes) Cost: £16

Lady Ligeia in your Quiet Mind: Let Me take you to that quiet place in your mind where it is just you and Me. Relax, let Me fill your mind, tease and deny you (Duration: 09:06 minutes) Cost: £5

Negativity begone!: This is an effective session to release any negativity in your life; be it a negative outlook, bad feelings about yourself, a recurring nightmare, thoughts of a person who is no longer in your life… Whatever the concern that plagues your thoughts, this audio file will help you to confront the negativity within a safe environment and to release it. Keywords:self-help, overcoming negativity, releasing a problem, moving on from a negative outlook, moving on from the past; Gender – neutral (Duration: 19:52 minutes) Cost: £13

The Alchemical Formula for Submission: A full reading of this enchanting text about what it is to be truly submissive. FREE … just email Me at the address above to receive the download link!

©Lady Ligeia 2012-2013

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