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New Release: Small cock humiliation … plus size!

My new audio trance file, Small cock humiliation … plus size! is now available for purchase.

This is a session incorporating intense small cock humiliation, and it’s plus size (note the irony you little wankers!) because there are also elements of chastity, submissive training, boot worship and even a nod to foot fetishism – all bound and gagged into one sexy, humiliating bundle!

Give in … give in to Me. Let go … so I can hold you. Release … so I can catch you. Be free … so that you can truly be Mine.

Keywords: small cock humiliation, submission, chastity, submissive training, boot worship, Domme, Mistress, Domnosis, Domination, tease, Domnotic Mind Control; Gender – male

View My SoundCloud Channel to listen to a sample of the trance … be tempted, give in … always give in.

Duration of trance: 32:07 minutes

Music: No

Vocal effects: Yes

Cost: A *UK* £20 Amazon voucher (currently equates roughly to US$32) sent to My email address: ligeialady@yahoo.co.uk

How to get the file: Send a *UK* £20 Amazon voucher to Me at ligeialady@yahoo.co.uk with a private message including the email address you would like Me to send the file to. I will then send you a link with password for the file from transferbigfiles.com (File size: 29.4 MB)

Die Erregungskugel: German release of the English trance – Ball of Arousal

Today saw the release of the German version of Ball of Arousal, entitled Die Erregungskugel: different editing, slightly different wording but still the same intense sensation of arousal by touch deep inside yourself.

A sample of the English version can be found HERE and purchase details for the English version can be found HERE.

Purchase details for the German version are HERE, and below is a sample of Die Erregungskugel:

New Release: Enhanced Enslavement to Lady Ligeia

My new audio trance file, Enhanced Enslavement to Lady Ligeia – a hypnotherapeutic approach is now available for purchase.

This file uses hypnotherapeutic imagery to identify obstacles that prevent you from submitting to Me with your entire being. These obstacles are rocks of resistance that need to be removed from the dam to enable the full flow of your erotic and submissive potential. Only if you have an open, empty hand are you able to reach for another thing, a better thing: open your mind and your hands to receive the full presence of Lady Ligeia.

Give in … give in to Me. Let go … so I can hold you. Release … so I can catch you. Be free … so that you can truly be Mine.

Keywords: submission, devotion, worship, Domme, Mistress, Domnosis, submissive training, Domination, love addiction; Gender – neutral

View My SoundCloud & YouTube Channel to listen to a sample of the trance … be tempted, give in … always give in.

Duration of trance: 26:48 minutes

Music: Yes

Vocal effects: Yes

Cost: A *UK* £16 Amazon voucher (currently equates roughly to US$27) sent to My email address: ligeialady@yahoo.co.uk

How to get the file: Send a *UK* £16 Amazon voucher to Me at ligeialady@yahoo.co.uk with a private message including the email address you would like Me to send the file to. I will then send you a link with password for the file from transferbigfiles.com (File size: 24.5 MB)

Die alchemische Formel der Unterwürfigkeit

Diene Mir!

Diene Mir! ist eine allegorische Beschriebung, die erzählt, wie man Lady Ligeia, als Herrin und Göttin, verehren und dienen soll. Kostenloser Download HIER.

Come Serve Me!

Come Serve Me is an allegorical description of how to approach, honour and serve Me, your Mistress and Goddess, Lady Ligeia. This audio is available as a free download – see the Sessions for Sale page for the download link.

New Release: Increase submission and devotion to your Mistress

My new audio trance file, Increase devotion and submission to your Mistress is now available for purchase.

This file is open to all submissives and men with a significant Female Other in their lives. It will deepen your devotion and enhance your submission to this wonderful Woman. A trigger will continue to intensify this deep bond even after awakening from trance. This is an extremely relaxing file, that will take you down deeply so that you can awaken all those submissive and devotional feelings that you hold back. If you think you can’t be more submissive or more devoted to your Mistress, then think again! Limits are there to be pushed and your Mistress is there to be adored with the entirety of your being!

Keywords: submission, devotion, worship, Domme, Mistress, Domnosis, submissive training, Domination; Gender – male

This file will increase devotion and submission to your Mistress, whoever She may be. If you think you can’t be more submissive or more devoted, think again! Every Woman deserves to be worshipped to your full ability, and this file will engender those feelings deeply and truly. A trigger also ensures that these feelings intensify even after you awaken from trance.

Duration of trance: 34:38 minutes

Vocal effects: Yes

Cost: A *UK* £35 Amazon voucher (currently equates roughly to US$57) sent to My email address: ligeialady@yahoo.co.uk

How to get the file: Send a *UK* £35 Amazon voucher (from http://www.amazon.co.uk) to Me at ligeialady@yahoo.co.uk with a private message including the email address you would like Me to send the file to. I will then send you a link with password for the file from transferbigfiles.com (File size: 31.7 MB)



A glowing review of Lady of Winter

I received a glowing review of My audio trance file Lady of Winter. It was so beautiful that I had to repost it here. With thanks to bertel for allowing Me to repost it. Details for purchase of this file at an amazing cost of just £5 can be found HERE.


The voice of Lady Ligeia is like the melodic song of the siren irresistible. This file starts with an induction that focuses on bringing across deep relaxation.  Lady Ligeia sketches with picturesque words the scenario  that engages all senses to create within the mind an image that turns into a real scenario… a scenario where Lady Ligeia’s presence becomes a reality. This file contains very little repetition yet it gently sway back and forth to deepen  the entry into a world controlled fully by Lady Ligeia…where the images created by her turns into instant reality. Her words calls forth feelings across the body that act so strongly that the mind just have to follow the images that is ever changing by poetic description.  Before you know you are in a state of complete submission. Submission not forced yet irresistible.

A submission that cannot be resisted even if that submission means acceptance of discomfort in answer to the ever growing yearning to be in Lady’s Ligeia’s presence.  A fire of desire fueled ever more with each word spoken until finally when all that matters is a inner acknowledgement that the desire has overwhelmed all senses and thought. Then and only then is the reward given of truly experiencing submission without force… submission fueled by desire. When the will acknowledges weakness Lady Ligeia rewards with her touch as only she can touch once the mind has forgotten itself in the world created by Lady Ligeia’s words.

This file has elements for the masochist that wants to experience suffering yet it also has an element of bondage not by physical bonds but mental and emotional bonds that are far stronger. It is not just a file that will bring you to your knees but also a file that lifts you up in a waking world where Lady Ligeia words will always continue to light the fire and fuels it within you into an inferno that needs more.  When the world turns cold or when one feels misunderstood or even somewhat lost then this is the file that brings back warmth.  A warmth that can only be experienced through willing submission and acknowledgement of the power of the words of Lady Ligeia.

This file is not just a file…it is a journey that will remain edged into your mind for a very, very long time.

The BBB fetish market and after-party, August 2012

This month’s BBB fetish market was even more of a success than last month’s. I heard repeatedly from other stall holders that it takes a few months for the visitors (who are for the most part regulars) to recognise you and build up trust. Even stalls selling more tangible things like cuffs and collars didn’t sell much in their first few months. So I was extremely pleased with the spontaneous bookings I took, the information sheets that were gladly taken with a copy of My first newsletter; the people who signed up to receive further newsletters and the promises I received that next month they would definitely have a session, only this month various issues prevented them: time, wearing cat’s eye contact lenses which they couldn’t remove, finances on the day… But the interest was buzzing and friendly.

My information sheet headed off a lot of the more daft and banal questions about comparisons with stage hypnosis, and led people to ask directly, “Okay, I’m interested. Tell Me what Hypnodomming is!” Interest was piqued at the expansive variety of themes and options available with Hypnodomming: from experiencing a fetish scene, to generating feelings of submission, encouraging devotion to your Master/Mistress, pushing limits within a safe environment and opening up the individual to experience their sexual potential.

One of the Ladies I tranced had never been hypnotised before. It was such a joy and a pleasure to hypnotise her and then afterwards to see the blissful look on her face and, when asked if she would do it again, to hear her “OH YES! Definitely!” A happy submissive client makes a happy Hypnodomme. And it was also encouraging to hear her say, “I don’t know what happened. In spite of all the market noise and the music, suddenly I didn’t hear any of it. I just heard Your voice!” Such is the power of a deep trance.

The weather was hot, hot, hot and it was even hotter inside the market. This was the only thing that prevented Me from attending the impact play demo. The thought of being in an even hotter, enclosed room with a large crowd of people was just too much.

I indulged Myself and found Jack’s Floggers where I bought an animal print flogger with a stunning, hand-carved handle, and a matching riding crop. I also couldn’t resist adding an oversized, burlesque fan to My collection; this one made from Ostrich and Peacock feathers.

This time I was in a different location and that really helped My visibility. My neighbouring stalls sold strap-ons, cuffs, collars, Steampunk goggles, breath-play “gas masks” and lingerie. Colourful, vibrant and busy are three words that spring to mind.

The after-party was as usual a great success with even more dungeon equipment available for people to use. Again, there was predominantly male Dom play with female submissives, which I found to be a shame. One interesting play scene was a Dom with his submissive kneeling and bound over a bench being tortured with various toys – canes, floggers, pinwheels, whips, riding crops. Each time he had finished using one toy he balanced it on her back; if she twitched and writhed too much from the subsequent toy so that a crop or whip fell off her back, he started from the beginning again until she was fully compliant and utterly still.

Another Dom laid out all of his different floggers in a line, ready to hand. At first he pulled out a fluffy pink tail flogger, then a sparkly silver flogger … to which I commented that this was going to be the campest flogging I had ever seen. But My amusement soon turned to wincing as I saw the knotted rope flogger. And in no way did he hold back with his punishment of her back and buttocks as she stood there spread-eagled and cuffed to an X-restraint.

I know many submissive men struggle with the idea of a Woman being punished, or being submissive at all. Many male submissives have told Me that even submissive Women are higher up than they are and are deserving of worship. I understand, but do not necessarily agree. A submissive is a submissive, a Dom/me is a Dom/me, irrespective of gender or sexual orientation. The important thing is the relationship between that particular Dom/me and sub; if it’s consensual and works for them, more power to them.

Personally, I struggle more with the concept of a switch, as the issue feels more black and white in My head with little room for swapping back and forth. The Domme mindset is so radical for Me that it would feel like schizophrenia to make that jump into a submissive state of mind. Although for others their Domme/sub side may inhabit more the central plain making it less of a strain to slide back and forth. It’s horses for courses. W/we dwell in a scene with alternative life styles and alternative sexual preferences; the key thing is to encourage and expand on the alternatives, not narrow them down. And, more important than what you think of others is where you stand with yourself: your personal journey in discovering what works for you and what doesn’t, what flips your switch and what doesn’t. Only by finding that inner peace with your own proclivities can you sit back comfortably and enjoy the performance of fetish scenes, whatever the slant. The after-party is a perfect environment in which to relax and soak up the environment with its plethora of differences.

Vive la différence! Embrace your Self, and then from that foundation of strength (because being submissive does not mean “to be weak) – embrace others and their weird, wacky, wonderful ways!

©Mistress Lady Ligeia 2012

The Role of a Domme

As some of you know, I distinguish in My interactions with submissives between My committed submissives and those I call “passing submissives”, i.e. those who show Me respect as a Domme, just as they do for any Domme, but they don’t prioritise Me over others like My committed submissives do.

Taking on a committed submissive is a responsibility on both sides and something that should be clearly demarcated. A good Domme should see to the welfare and well-being of Her submissives; they are there for Her pleasure, but only a bad Domme allows Her submissives to be knocked around and damaged in the process of play. Who wants damaged toys that You can no longer play with?

As well as two levels of interaction in this virtual domain, I see various levels of personal engagement: with some it is obviously play and a diversion, they adore Me ritualistically and “play by the rules” but are not overly emotionally attached; then there are those who build up a deeper sense of attachment, for whom You are truly important; and then there are those where a mutual attachment is formed, a deeper sense of feeling. Even though W/we are living in an online/virtual environment, those feelings can become as intensely real as any face-to-face relationship. And why not? W/we are sharing moments of intimacy, eroticism, O/our daily doings just like in any other relationship. If anything, because W/we are not anchored in the “real world” it is easy to be carried away in the whirlwind of emotions; after all, as Hypnodommes We engender intense feelings and create a dependence in the mind; should We not then be more aware of the emotional life of Our submissives, since it is the emotions and not the body that We touch most frequently?

The job of a Domme is to be aware of the submissive’s emotional state and to walk cautiously. If a submissive is becoming overly emotionally attached, then You should temper that attachment and remind them of the play aspect of what you are doing together. If the emotional attachment is welcome and reciprocated (Dommes are just as capable of becoming involved with their submissives as vice versa), then again You should conduct Yourself in a way that doesn’t impact negatively on the real life of your submissive.

It is easy to bark out commands like a rabid dog, but it is the test of a true Domme for Her to maintain control by negotiation of terms, guiding and shaping Her submissive, and taking his emotional life into account. Subs are humans too!

In the real life fetish scene, there is great emphasis placed on care and aftercare of One’s submissive. You don’t just beat the crap out of a submissive and walk away; you prepare the skin until it is ready for harder whipping and beating, and when the scene finishes, You wrap Your submissive in a blanket, feed him water and sugar to counteract the rush of adrenaline through his system and You speak words of care to anchor the submissive again – thus making a Domming scene a complete cycle of punishment and care, not one of sadistic, narcissistic abuse.

And if a relationship comes to the end of its life cycle, the Domme still has a responsibility. If angry, She must control Her emotions and end the relationship in such a way that the submissive (who, remember, is but another human being) is released with as little damage to his self as possible. Again, it is easy to kick out and even after the event to keep kicking, but is that the actions of a Domme, or the actions of a narcissist who is pissed off that She is not the centre of somebody’s universe…? That verges on a dominant narcissistic personality disorder and these are not the actions of a healthy, integrated, caring Domme.

If a Domme on the real life scene, cultivated relations with a submissive, encouraging their addiction and devotion, only to kick them to the curb when an issue raised its ugly head, then that Domme would be scorned by the general community as not someone who is safe to play with. There is a fine line sometimes between being a Domme and being an abuser – connecting with the emotional life of the submissive is key here.  Why should online Domming have lower standards than real life fetish relationships?

In My own relationships with submissives, I have had some come and some be sent away. But I have endeavoured to make the ending as gentle as possible while remaining firm in explaining the reasons why the relationship must finish (irrespective of how angry I might have felt towards them). Usually the submissive is aware that their transgressions and their refusal to rectify them (which is the main reason for disowning them) are the core reason for why they must go. But if a submissive makes a mistake, I discuss it with them, encourage an investigation of conscience; if they can admit their mistake then they are duly punished but once punished the offence is forgotten. There is no point in being a stereotypical nagging wife who brings up the mistake again and again. The cycle must be completed: mistake, confession, rectification, punishment, forgiveness. Only then can both parties be satisfied and move on. Only then is there the possibility of growth in the relationship and a progression of deeper submission.

©Lady Ligeia 2012

The Alchemical Formula of Submission

A recitation of the full text of The Alchemical Formula for Submission
Learn what it is to submit to Me, Lady Ligeia

Latest trance release: Lady of Summer – Obey Me!

My new audio trance file, Lady of Summer – Obey Me!, is now available for purchase. This is the final installment in the series Lady of the Seasons, but it is also a standalone trance like all the others; so enjoy them together or separately!

This session will teach you the joy and pleasure of obedience and submission to the Lady of Summer.

Keywords: submission, obedience training, worship, Domination; Gender – male

Lady Ligeia, in Her guise as Lady of Summer, will take you to a sunlit scene where you will bow down and worship Her, learning the depth of need within you to obey and submit. This need to obey will grow and deepen in your heart, soul and body, uncovering your true self, which is to be a good obedient boy for Lady Ligeia.

See the Trance samples page and My YouTube Channel to listen to a sample of the trance … be tempted, give in … always give in.

Duration of trance: 24:50 minutes

Sound effects & music: Yes

Cost: A *UK* £16 Amazon voucher (currently equates roughly to US$25) sent to My email address: ligeialady@yahoo.co.uk

How to get the file: Send a *UK* £16 Amazon voucher to Me at ligeialady@yahoo.co.uk with a private message including the email address you would like Me to send the file to. I will then send you a link with password for the file from transferbigfiles.com (File size: 22.7 MB)

The eyes have it!

I’ve had a productive few days. The final installment of Lady of the Seasons, Lady of Summer, is now finished and in the editing process. If you haven’t already listened to the teasing and commanding Ladies of Autumn and Winter, and the lusty Lady of Spring, then you should! Check out my Trance Samples page and Sessions for Sale page for details.

This new trance, Lady of Summer, is all about learning obedience and the joy you can find in abdicating your self in obedience to Me – freedom through bondage.

I have also completed a self-help script to help people release problems in their life. If you have a stubborn negative attitude, a recurring bad dream or something that troubles you, this trance will help you to communicate with the problem and release it, bringing you internal peace and a sense of resolution. I shall let you know when it has been recorded and is ready to purchase.

Yesterday was a beautiful day of sunshine. I sat outside on the metal cover over the old Victorian coal chute, soaking up the sun and doing My lizard impression. Today W/we have rain again – yesterday was but a tease…

I saw great inspiration today for making hanging Evil Eyes. The image of the Evil Eye is a symbol of protection intended to deflect any negativity or evil thoughts that someone might intentionally or unintentionally send your way.

I have a beautiful pendant; a sphere with multiple blue Evil Eyes on it, to deflect negativity from whatever direction it may come. The image of the Evil Eye is a favourite one of Mine, and also faintly hypnotic. The saying goes, “If looks could kill” … and yet the look from a tender lover can warm your soul and heart; the look from a skilled hypnotist can take you down deeply. So much can be expressed through the eyes.

Look at the banner on this site. Look into My eyes. you just have to look into My eyes and allow yourself to fall, so deeply that My eyes become your world. My eyes will protect you as W/we explore the darkest, most hidden areas of need and desire within you. The look from My eyes encompasses you as I push your limits, taking your hand and guiding you: the look in My eyes stripping you of ego and raising up the obedient submissive inside you. Mmmm. you can be disarmed so easily, just with a look … from My eyes into your eyes.

So take some time to look into My eyes … feel your world shrinking … your need growing … your sense of the outside diminishing … your awareness of Me and what My eyes promise expanding.

Just keep watching, never look away …

©Lady Ligeia 2012

A Warm Welcome!

Welcome to Lady Ligeia’s blog site. This will be a place where you can find the latest updates on audio trance files for sale, sample files and fetish events that I will be attending – please note the different pages at the very top of the screen. In addition, this site will be a place for Me to reveal and revel in the more personal side of Me, Lady Ligeia: the way I view the world, the things I enjoy, what I’ve been doing for My amusement and pleasure (as well as yours!).

I would advise that you sign up to follow the blog (top right of the page), so that you don’t miss out on any blog posts.

It has just turned midnight on the night of the new moon. Double darkness – a fitting way to begin this blog. The brightest light casts the darkest shadows and in O/our world W/we traverse the ways that others may find perverse, kinky, dirty or obscure. And yet, here W/we find pleasure, connection, lust and joy. Never be afraid of those darker sides to yourself. Bring them to My light and you will be free to experience the release of suppressed pleasure, the loss of guilt and the enjoyment of both mind and body.

I love to hypnotise submissive men and women. I am a very dominant Woman, who likes to conjure emotions and sensations in others. Read the About Lady Ligeia page and you will find out a little more concerning My motivations and drive to be a Hypnodomme.

Feel free to leave Me comments. I am happy to engage with any respectful submissive or Dom/me.

Most importantly, enjoy the time you spend here in My world. Surround yourself with My presence, and let Me fill your mind.

Lady Ligeia

©Lady Ligeia 2012


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